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I´m Lisa Mohr – creator of The Mohr Method of Healing.

It´s no accident you´re here. The universe has sent you here for a reason. Here is your opportunity to explore, gain insight, and expand your awareness of Reiki.

“Learning Reiki has opened up my intuitive abilities beyond words. I believe that it is a gateway to tapping into the dormant parts of our brain.”

If you’re new to Reiki, this site will provide you with a gold mine of valuable information. If you´re already a Reiki practitioner, this site will be an excellent resource to help you further your study and application. Regardless of your past experience, you’ll find that The Mohr Method of Healing will provide you a deeper understanding and connection to this Universal Life Energy.


Now that we are in the age of computers and online videos, your attunement will be done virtually.

I am excited for you to experience my heartfelt intention that you will become the highest frequency that The Mohr Method of Healing Reiki will allow.

I intend that you will be inspired to heal the cause of suffering to all that cross your path and that you will use your energy and intentions wisely and in so doing, will gain more power and insight than you ever imagined.

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(The passwords are in each Reiki book)


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