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“The class was taught with love and understanding. I am not the same person today that I was when I entered the class room. It was definitely worth time and financial investment.”

“I really liked Lisa’s class. She has a genuine caring about her students, and wants each and every one of them to have a better life.”

Max L.

“I can honestly say I’m much happier now, and have more mindfulness.”

Connie F.

“Lisa asked us what the dice would roll. Half of our group said “2” and the other said “5”. Lisa proceeded to roll a “2” and then a “5”. I won’t ever forget that.”

“I saw auras for the first time!!”

“I sent an energy ball to a room of several people, and had the intended receiver catch it almost every single time!!! I’ve used this with texting now and it works!”

“I don’t see the world the same way as I did before this class. I have had significant “reality checking” daily, as a result!”

Paul C.

“I had so many, “Did that really just happen?!!” moments, I can’t even count them all!”


“The classes were amazing, but I really appreciated the community part of it. I now know that I’m not alone!”

“This class can’t stop! Please keep teaching!”

“During this class, I realized that I’m sensitive to others’ feelings and emotions, and I was absorbing their “stuff”. Most of my feelings weren’t mine at all! Lisa taught me to protect myself and it’s changed my life.”

Laurie B.

“I felt like I was in Harry Potter. And now I see the world in two categories: Magical folks and Non-Magical Folks.”

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