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“I received an astrological interpretation from Lisa as a birthday gift from my partner. The reading was absolutely phenomenal. I did not know what to expect coming in, but Lisa explained everything clearly and tactfully. I learned why I am the way I am. After my reading, I felt validation for the choices I’ve made and the choices I have yet to make. Before my reading, there were personality traits I did not understand about myself, and even questioned if I had mental imbalances. With relief, Lisa taught me about ME. I learned so much about my planets and signs and how every little thing attributed to the wonderful makeup of myself. At first, I was a little confused looking at the chart, but Lisa walked me through each part with explanation and patience. She did warn me it can be overwhelming, but I feel that she broke it down enough to the point where I could digest the information quite well. She surprised me with questions about my past that infinitely led to understanding about myself in the present. I asked for my year in advance forecast, and I am still checking it weekly. The guidance of my “calendar” has been stunningly accurate, and still surprises me every time something comes to pass. One day she wrote that I would have a lucky day that day and potentially win something. That night I entered a raffle at an event and won! It was a small prize, but I still won. My astrological reading opened my mind and my heart, especially in understanding myself. I learned tools to communicate better and handle stress better. Everything was amazing in that it was tailored to just me, and I have never had an experience like this one. I will most certainly come to Lisa for another reading and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about themselves on a deep energetic level. Thank you, Lisa for your insight and your light.”

Grateful Vibes,

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