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This video showcases my most requested presentation, Shatter Your Fears of Success. This thought provoking lecture reveals how your beliefs about Wealth, Beauty and Power has the ability to leave you Happy, Wealthy and Confident or Bitter, Broke and Resentful.

This is the perfect presentation for Business Owners, Account Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Isn’t time to [Finally] Shatter Your Fears of Success? Watch it now

SPEAKING TOPICS to engage, inspire and transform your group.

Shatter Your Fears of Success – How to elevate your self worth, increase your prosperity and rise to the top with grace.

Your Best YOU in Your Career – How to climb the ladder of success without falling off.

Navigating Through Workplace Negativity – How to steer clear of the verbal and emotional land mines that blow up on the job.

Eliminate Bottom Feeders / How to Attract Extraordinary People – How to get rid of the drama lamas and energy vampires that drain your energy and leave you lifeless

“Whether it’s learning how to Shatter Fears, Improve Communication or Create a Positive Work Environment, Lisa Mohr has an array of speech topics that can be personalized to your organization or company’s needs with direct results to your bottom line.”

These topics can be presented as a 60 minute keynote lecture or delivered as a personalized half-day or full day training.

Available for travel Worldwide


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