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Reiki 101 – Self-Study Guide (Ebook)

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Reiki 101 – The NEW Mohr Method of Healing Level One Self Study Guide.

106 pages, Full color
Author – Lisa Mohr, LMT

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Reiki is necessary in today’s world on multiple levels. If you work in close proximity to others, and are sensitive to their energy or moods, the Mohr Method of Healing is perfect for you. If you are surrounded by ill or draining people, this system will change your life. Simply put, the Mohr Method of Healing is beneficial for everyone. Experience it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn:

What Reiki Feels Like

– How Reiki Heals

How To Protect Your Energy From Others

– How To Treat Yourself

Discover Your Chakras

– How To Prepare For A Reiki Treatment

How To Use The Hand Positions

– How To Conduct A Reiki Treatment

and so much more.

PLUS You’ll receive direct access to FREE bonus content not available anywhere else!

The purpose of Reiki 101: The NEW Mohr Method of Healing Level One Self-Study Guide is to provide you with the tools for you to perform Reiki while applying it into your everyday life. Unlike other Reiki healing systems, the Mohr Method  integrates the concepts of The Law of Attraction, as well as energy protection. These practical additions make Reiki something you can use every moment of each day.

Most Reiki systems require that you perform regular, full healing treatments on yourself and others. Although this is definintly useful in mastering Reiki concepts, you may use the techniques shown in Reiki 101 while you are driving, shopping, at work, or at a social event. In addition, these techniques are so subtle, you may perform them without ever telling anyone what you are doing.

Imagine – you will have the opportunity to play “guardian angel” to the people of your world and your environment, each and every day!

109 pages, full color, ebook pdf, instant download, readable on computers, tablets and smart phones.

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