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The “I Want It All!” Package

$320.45 $127.00

  • How to lovingly set boundaries with others (Online course)
  • Mohr Infinite Wisdom (Ebook & Audiobook)
  • Eliminate Bottom Feeders (Ebook & Audiobook)
  • Children, Animals & Energy (Ebook & Audiobook)
  • Reiki 101 Self-Study Guide – Ebook (Ebook)
  • Reiki 201 Self-Study Guide – Ebook (Ebook)
  • Meditation bundle includes 10 guided meditation and the sound-only audio tracks (mp3)

Total value: $320.45
You save: $193.45


Every single goodie ever created by Lisa Mohr is stuffed into this colorful and unique package. Enjoy a 2 hour online training course on “How to lovingly set boundaries with others”, 5 Ebooks on life, perspective, intuitive development, children and animals and energy, communication, forgiveness, reframing negative thinking, the law of attraction, Reiki and energy protection, 10 guided meditations that include the music-only tracks, and so much more! This “I want it all!” package is promised to keep you or your loved one busy and inspired for hours to come!

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