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Eliminate Bottom Feeders (Audiobook)


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Are you tired of being drained by other people?

Are you afraid to confront a toxic person about his or her behaviors?
Are you tired of being drained by other people?

Do you diminish your greatness in fear of being judged by others in your life?

Do you light up around some people, while others make you feel like you are drowning in a sea of negativity?


Imagine what your life would look like if you were only
Surrounded by Optimistic People.

Imagine what your family life might be like if you only spent energy on individuals that reciprocated and nourished your heart?

What if you were able to take care of those whom you loved, and significantly limited the time you spent with draining people, WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY?


In this life changing book, you will discover:

How to become a better parent, spouse, friend, co-worker every day.

How to become a master communicator.

How to remove and/or set boundaries with toxic, draining and negative people.

How to attract positive, high energy, and extraordinary people into your life.

How to deal with complicated dynamics.

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