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Natal Astrological Chart Interpretation


What your Astrology chart reading entails:
– An 5+ page typed report revealing the life patterns of your past, present and future.

– Face to face or skype chart interpretation with Lisa Mohr

What you will need to provide:
– The date and year you were born

– The location you were born

– The exact time you were born (found on your birth certificate)

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At the age of 8, my mother introduced me to an Astrology book. I was instantly hooked on the notion that the stars and planets affected our personality, characteristics, and destiny. Ever since, Astrology has been a passionate hobby of mine. Many years ago, I began actively apprenticing under a Master Astrologer; Shari Tikus. Through her teachings, Astrology has enhanced how I view the world. I became addicted to the fascinating insights that the planets reveal.

Perhaps what I  appreciate most about  Astrology is the fact that  there is often repeated evidence of an underlying  theme. A life lesson will present not just once, but multiple times in a chart; therefore giving a concept further validity. And for every challenged chart, there are always gifts to balance it. Which leads me to the importance of choosing the right astrologer for you. Interpretation is very much subjective, and delivering the content of the information is an art. Any and all words should be stated with compassion and empowerment in mind. Unfortunately, not all Astrologers provide this; leaving some people disturbed or disheartened once the reading is completed.

Having me interpret your Astrology Chart will give you validation and a greater understanding of your life path and journey. It will help you gain understanding as to why you had the childhood you did, the dynamics that you have experienced (or are repeatedly experiencing), and a new perspective on how to best succeed in your life. You might find yourself hopeful and inspired in ways that you never have been.

Join me on a journey of insight and inspiration through your Astrological Chart Reading. I am enthusiastic to explore what your chart reveals about you!

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