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Routine is The Enemy of Inspired Action

Routine is The Enemy of Inspired Action

Have you ever noticed that almost all of your inspired actions end up being a “10 out of 10 for you?” This is because they are “God touched.” Call it the Universe, God, the Angels, your Spirit Guides..they are with you and around you, longing to help and inspire you.

They LOVE you, but you need to make yourself OPEN to their guidance. This doesn’t take any kind of special skill at all, just breathing air and allowing yourself to be still for a few moments.

If you really want to help yourself, do some Reiki on yourself. Take an online class or reach out to me for instructions. I have multiple tools to help you get there with little effort.

I’ve been working with several clients to enrich their spiritual connection with their intuitive abilities and/or higher power. For those of you that know me, you know that I am in regular dialog with my spirit guides all day long. I wanted to share with you just how often I do this.

As much as I use my other five senses, I am using my 6th sense of intuition constantly. Every single choice that I make runs through my gut instincts before I take action. What time to get out of bed, work out, what I should make for dinner, when to start preparing it, who to reach out to socially or professionally, when to meditate, when to walk or hike, when to leave the house and drive, etc.

Imagine if you made the best decisions to optimize your day, every single day? You might only use 10% of your energy because you’d make the RIGHT and BEST decision every single time.

How do you do this? Pause before every one of your daily routines. I personally meditate every morning and every evening and throughout the day. If you are too locked into a routine, you will miss the infinite opportunities throughout your day to optimize it, with inspired action.

One of my clients recently began plugging in several short breaks, throughout her day. This is a terrific way to allow for inspired action. I love it!

I invite you to begin thinking this way more often. You will find that life works for you effortlessly as you avoid the obstacles and dwell longer in the pleasures and successes.

I’m an author, private coach, professional speaker and thought leader in positive perspective. My passion is teaching individuals to access and enhance their intuitive abilities to optimize their lives.

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