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Every condition that you have in your body, positive or challenging, is based on energy. Your exposure to toxic people, places, and things determines your overall wellness. 
During your scheduled time, you will simply go and lay down, and Lisa will heal you remotely, removing all Negative Thought Form Creations that may be on you, cords, and attachments. Lisa will also cleanse your energy field and balance your Chakras. This process typically takes around 20-30 minutes. Lisa will type up her findings and suggestions, and then email them to you.
 The feedback from each session is magical! Reiki energy is honest and pure and sees all.
 Treat yourself or someone you love to a session. You will be surprised how good you can feel!

First time (Initial)  Remote Healing Session:

60-minute (Initial) Remote Healing Session. During our scheduled time, you will simply go and lay down, and I will heal you remotely. I will remove all Negative Thought Form Creations that may be on you, cords and attachments, as well as balance your Chakras. (Please read my detailed description below). 

This process typically takes around 40 minutes. I will spend the rest of the hour typing up my findings and suggestions, and then email them to you. Do to the intensity of this first session, the initial price is higher to reflect the efforts of my healing and psychic work. 

Every following (repeat client) session is $150 and approximately 25-30 minutes.
Initial Remote Healing Session
schedule link:
(And payment)

Return client schedule link and payment:

Remote Healing Preparation

In preparation for your Remote Healing session:

1. Eat something.

2. Remove all possible distractions.

3. Relax and lay down on a bed, couch, or in a recliner.

4. If it helps, put on some relaxing music.

5. Focus on letting me into your “auric field.”

6. Our session will begin at our scheduled time. You will receive Google Reminders via email.
(I will not be calling, texting or zooming you to start our session).

7. I will text you when I am finished with your Remote Healing session (usually about 30 minutes).

8. I will send you your written email report within 30 minutes of your completed Remote Healing session, (if possible).

9. If you feel inspired, you may reply in a different color text to my email to validate my findings. (This is not required, but most find it fun and magical to share with me).

10. Enjoy your Remote Healing Session with me. 🙂

“I love your reading and how detailed you are with your write-ups! I was excited all day to hear from you. Honestly, you have taken my anxiety away and given me rest in the midst of chaos. I am finally excited about the new chapter. It’s good to know I am where I am supposed to be. 
Best money spent in a recession! THANK YOU!!!”
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