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The goal in every relationship is simply to be your best YOU.

Your best relationships are with people who encourage your growth because they encourage it for themselves. The right people will brighten you vs. diminish you. I have 4 key rules for building and maintaining relationships that support you being your best YOU:

“Lisa’s 4 Rules of Love, Friendship, and Success.”

Pay attention to who is around you. You are the culmination of the 5 people you hang around most. These are the members of your support team. If you desire wealth, success, health, love, inner balance, a great family, support from others, etc. take a look at the people in your life, and what they are attracting. You NEED high-energy and positive people in your life; they may carry a high frequency during the times you do not. Especially when it comes to your goals; you need someone to believe in you. These are my 4 key rules when goal setting and finding the right people to be on your support team:

1. Say YES to every opportunity!
Consider attending every party or networking event you are invited to. It is never a waste of time. This is a hard one, but all too often we chicken out over trying something new because we are afraid to leave our comfort zone. One of the best mantras that I live by is: “Life begins when I leave my comfort zone.” If you don’t take a chance on a new opportunity, a new person, etc., you’ll block the universe from its magical ways to grant you your desires. You never know how your wishes will be fulfilled. A certain level of leaping without knowing where you will land is needed to achieve your dreams.

By the rules of the Law of Attraction, you will attract the right people into your life, at the right time. Have you ever heard of the Six Degrees of Separation? The theory is that there are six people between you and your goal. I have lived this throughout my life and am able to track how I meet certain people through multiple past connections. Truly, this is a magical phenomenon. Everyone knows someone who might be important to your success!

2. Your support team members must be equally passionate about your dreams as you are.
They must believe in you and your success. This is imperative because you may have doubting moments and these people keep the faith for you, when needed. These individuals naturally see you as your highest potential vs. where you have come or where you are at today. When you are treated as though you are going to succeed, or already have, you will naturally fall into this role.

3. You feel twice as big around these people.
They literally bring out your best YOU each and every moment. You can’t help but feel inspired around them. There is something about them that allows you to be you and be you in a BIG way, without hesitation or fear of judgment.

4. Pay attention to the signs.
There are signs immediately if a new person is healthy or not for you. Listen to (sense) how you feel around this person. Do you feel comfortable or like you need to hold back? The right person on your support team will be clear and honest and direct with you. He or she will be in alignment with your values and your ideals. Listen to this, and pay attention!

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