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Reiki is the Japanese art of healing in which the practitioner intends life-force energy from the Universe, through himself or herself, onto another person or animal.

Everyone and anyone can learn it. It’s safe, fun, and effective. It is not a belief system. Reiki can never run out. It cannot be used for ill purposes. It is a love-based healing modality. Most importantly, Reiki is a gateway to your highest self.

Through the Mohr Method of Healing Reiki Training System, students are able to reach an extraordinary level of healing and intuition. Experiencing enhanced intuitive abilities is just one of several positive side effects of learning this modality. Most students see or feel energy fields after their first attunement. And most students experience life-changing and life-enhancing events within the first week or two of their training.

“What does Reiki feels like? Reiki feels like heat, cold, vibration, or a thickness of energy.”

What is an Attunement? An Attunement is an energy ceremony during which a higher vibration in the form of a symbol is intended within the student. This intention works like a homing beacon to attract Reiki frequency. It never runs out nor weakens. It is strengthened by practicing Reiki often.

Why might I want to learn Reiki? It’s FREE healing!

We all possess a soul-based compassion to truly help and better other people. Reiki is the most gratifying conduit for this to occur because the practitioner feels amazing while giving Reiki energy to others!

Learning Reiki can be used to increase your frequency to attract and create a life full of blissful experiences. Everyone would benefit from learning this healing technique.


The Mohr Method of Healing is a unique Reiki training system created by Lisa Mohr, LMT.

This system is more diverse and extensive in it’s daily and overall application than traditional Reiki alone because it effectively combines Usui Reiki with The Law of Attraction, and Energy Protection. The blend of these three powerful practices allow for intuitive abilities and healing at an unprecedented level.

This unique training system is a practical investment that will pay for itself through your own life enhancement as well as creating a new stream of income for any Reiki practitioner and trainer. A major benefit of becoming a Certified Mohr Method of Healing Instructor is that you, the Reiki Master, will not need to write your own class content and training system. Since 1995, the repeated feedback has been that this style of Reiki training is unparalleled to any other Reiki training system available.

“The combination of Reiki, the Law of Attraction, and Energetic Protection has repeatedly demonstrated to be the most effective approach in implementing Reiki and developing intuitive abilities.”

By teaching The Mohr Method of Healing, your students will be able to change their conscious and subconscious thought patterns to better create and manifest their happiness and deepest desires. As an instructor of The Mohr Method of Healing, you will find that it has been carefully designed for both those who want to learn Reiki for their own life; and for those who want to practice it for a living.

Everyone can benefit from this particular style of healing and consciousness. The Mohr Method of Healing Certification is available to you as a Reiki Master in four levels; each uniquely developed to develop and enhance intuitive abilities within your student. Your students will require no special skill or talent to begin training in The Mohr Method of Healing. Each person has the equal potential to master these concepts and abilities. As the teacher, you will have the opportunity to powerfully impact your student’s lives for the better, and make an income while doing so.

This unique program was very purposefully designed so that your own personal style becomes an integral part of your teaching. You can include your own stories and experiences, effectively customizing the curriculum to your voice. The intent of this system was to create a flexible template or framework that you, the teacher, could connect with reflecting your personal style and personality.

Lisa Mohr Online Reiki Courses

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