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REIKI Level 2 – Live Training

Of all of the Mohr Method of Healing classes, this workshop is often viewed as the most magical and inspiring.


Discover the infinite potential of Reiki Energy in this extraordinary one-day workshop! Learn how to Cleanse the Energy in Every Environment. Practice Seeing and Feeling Energy Fields. Learn about sending Healing Energy to far away people and/or places, Projecting Protective Bubbles onto others, Auras, and more!

This workshop will increase your Intuitive Awareness substantially, bringing your abilities to New and Inspiring Levels!
This healing system is the only one of it’s kind, and is taught exclusively by Licensed Mohr Method of Healing instructors.

Please note: You must have completed The Mohr Method of Healing Reiki Level One Training to be eligible for this workshop. (Please understand that this is a sequential training system, and each level must be mastered within the Mohr Method of Healing System before progressing to the next level) It is strongly suggested that you receive a Reiki treatment within a week of the workshop.

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