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Reiki Book

Reiki 101 - A Self Study Guide

Are you curious about Reiki but not sure where to go? This Self Study guide is the perfect tool for you or a curious friend!

“A new and practical way to learn and use *Reiki* the Universal Life Force to heal yourself and others.”

This book includes full color photos and illustrations to offer a step by step guide when using and understanding the flow of Reiki healing energy. A Virtual Attunement and printable “Reiki Level One Certification” certificate is included with each book purchase.

This book is unique and extraordinary in that it combines Reiki, the Law of Attraction, and Energy Protection all in one! Developed by Reiki Master, healer, life coach, author of 6 books, and licensed massage therapist Lisa Mohr, this form of Reiki training is the most practical and effective system available. Simply learning Reiki isn’t enough in our world as energy protection is needed.  Don’t be a victim to the bad energy of others! Exposure to disease and negativity affects your mind, body and spirit. Discover how to master self protection with this book and training! Learn about the Law of Attraction and become the commanding frequency of love and light in your world!

After completing this Self-Study Guide, you will be able to apply these skills to both yourself and others.

Take control of your life, your health, and your happiness with The Mohr Method of Healing Reiki Training System!

  • Softcover: 120 pages
  • Publisher: Radiant Heart Press (November 5, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.0 x 0.4 inches

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