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Becoming prosperous has as much to do with the mindset of manifesting, as it does in allowing prosperity into your life.

Many of us carry blocks about what it means to be extremely successful and powerful. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of healthy role models in our society. It seems a favorite US hobby is to scrutinize those with money and power. Any error they make is exploited all over the TV and tabloids. We love to hate money and power…so why would anyone actually want it with all of those negative associations?

Your conscious mind may seek a life of money and leisure, but your subconscious mind may loath those born into wealth and who have never had to work a day in their lives. How can you manifest anything when you are literally humming at two polar-opposite frequencies? And your subconscious believes you so much, that it replays your beliefs in your sleep and every waking moment. And you are constantly collecting evidence of your beliefs and then creating a reality to perpetuate it.

Having money and abundance has very little to do with your intelligence, your contacts, or how good or deserving of a person you are. Rather, it has to do with the way you think about money and success.

“Success-minded individuals are not threatened by money and success in others; they celebrate it.”

Whenever we judge others for having money and power, we limit our own potential for growth. As a society, we look to each other to determine what appropriate behaviors look like regarding money and success. And we surround ourselves with like-minded people. And here lies the problem: we cannot grow if those in our social circle are limited in their prosperity beliefs. If you want to start a daily walking routine, perhaps find a walking buddy or join a gym. If you want to surround yourself in prosperity, seek like-minded individuals who have already achieved your desired goals, or higher. This will motivate and inspire you toward greatness because you will see it modeled by others, with grace!

All too often, we limit our greatness due to a belief that we need to carry everyone forward. This simply will not work. Each person much learn in his or her own way. We can inspire and share, but truly, modeling your desired reality, with grace, will inspire others more than you could possibly imagine. They will see you achieving success, and you brightening as an individual.

The world wants you to be your best YOU. I want you to be your best YOU. And by modeling success and wealth with grace, you give everyone else permission to do the same.

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