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Proactive Protection from STD’s (Spiritually Transmitted Diseases!)

blog post - Psychic Energy Protection

Psychic Energy ProtectionFor the past 18 months, I have been dealing with a barrage of negative energy resulting from my divorce. I will leave it at that, but due to my sensitivities, it has been a challenge to protect myself.

Now, I know very clearly what is my own and what is another’s energy, but most do not. Have you ever gone to a store and came home “crabby” for no reason? Or what if you went on an outing happy and came home feeling “blah”? Or you feel constantly drained re: a situation with another individual in your life.  Do you know why? Because you picked something up. Something that wasn’t yours to begin with.

I see these attachments on people.  I have energy-vision and I can see black kites attached to people, dark clouds, or worse. It’s like people have walked through a bug-invested forest and picked up several ticks and mosquitos.

Now, before you panic and say, “OMG Lisa-Get it OFF of me right now!!” I have to share that these “insects” are NO BIG DEAL.  Everyone gets them from time to time, and most are very easily removed. Focus on optimizing your energy. Sing out loud, take a bath, Go for a walk in nature, watch a funny movie. Shift your energy and they all fall off of you.’s constant.  Like my situation.

Some people send negative thoughts to you all day long. And they do not stop. They wish harm to you and yours. And they are angry about life. (Probably because they have something attached to them! )

So what can you do?

I have been working on this for months. And I FINALLY have a routine that is keeping me mostly protected. It’s a relief. And I can’t wait to share what I am doing.

Lisa’s Energy Protection Regiment:

Invest in Black Tourmaline. It has a radius (to my energy-eyes) of only about 5-6 energetic feet. I placed one in each window and along the walls. Entities use doors and windows. It’s odd, but they do. Negative energy is not stopped by any barrier, unfortunately. But tourmaline is a good start. This stone keeps good and bad energy out. Energetically, it looks like toxic pesticide to me-no kidding. So only use it on outside walls and places where you are not creating loving spaces. It’s not anti-love, it just blocks everything.

Invest in Black Obsidian. This stone does similar, but has a mirror affect on your own dark side. So..if you have issues that are vulnerable, like guilt about a situation, it may be revealed to you again. This is ultimately your energetic vulnerability to the attacks. YOU BELIEVE that you are a certain way that is not actually who you are. A feeling, an action, a self belief does not define you as a whole. But perhaps you believe this. Which is what makes those sneaky dark energies get to you. You allow it with a belief that is not true about you.

Invest in Pyrite to put on the floor in the bedroom, kitchen, kids rooms, etc.  (We abut an apartment building with a barrage of negative energy). This stone is more porous and I felt it was better to be near where we sleep. It seems to have a larger radius to me; 6-8 energetic feet. And it’s softer-not toxic like. Great for community spaces.

Cord cutting is necessary daily. I have a free meditation (please use and share) on my website called “Cutting the cords.” At check out, enter “cutting” in the promo box.

With intention, “Cut the Kites” several times a day. Especially if you are out and about driving and at stores. These are smaller entities that attach to you. With a white light intention-or even a prayer of intention that all negative energies be removed and that God and or angels come and surround you with love and light, these can be removed. Be SURE to remove them from your kids, with the same intention and commands. Children pick them up at school and all over the place. And then drag them into the house.

Smudge with sage ever other day. It really helps. Bless you space with love and light. The sage destroys/transforms negative energy into a neutral energy.

Receive energy work (Reiki, Cranial Sacral) to increase your energy flow and remove these attachments. This is SO powerful. You won’t believe the difference until you are corrected energetically. You will feel 10lbs lighter. And likely, very inspired and relaxed again.

Ask for help from your angels, spirit guides, higher power, etc. It works. Arch Angel Michael is like taking out the “Big Guns”. He’s serious about protecting you, and very helpful. No need to be a Christian or believer. You’ll feel it when you ask. Try it.

Stay on top of your energy hygiene. Now that I have shared what to do, the trick is to check your energy several times a day. For starters, 5x a day. I’m at the point that I am checking it nearly 15-20x a day. It’s work. And let’s face it, no one is going to protect you, but YOU.

Good luck and remember, positive energy is contagious. By being a positive energy conduit, you attract and create more people and energy, just like you!


I’m an author, private coach, professional speaker and thought leader in positive perspective. My passion is teaching individuals to access and enhance their intuitive abilities to optimize their lives.

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