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Creating the reality you desire is all about vibration. If your personal vibration is optimal, you will attract a life of ease.

What makes your personal vibration optimal?

Being in a state of balance, exercise, meditation, dwelling in high-frequency spaces (like outdoors or in sacred spaces), Reiki, great music/sounds around you, choosing to keep company with other high-frequency people, eating right, and maintaining good sleep habits. (By the way, Reiki is the quickest and easiest way I have found to instantly elevate and maintain an optimal frequency.)

When you create and maintain a higher frequency, it is easier to set goals with clarity. This very energy of “knowingness of the desired feeling” is the key to the Law of Attraction.

“Just like any other endeavor you seek to master, manifesting is something that requires daily and consistent practice.”

And just as all Olympic athletes seek coaches to train them, evaluate their growth and progress, and finally achieve their goals, such is the way of manifesting. You will get to your goals fastest with a coach or guide to keep you on track, and validate and clarify what you are experiencing during your journey.

Reading books on this subject, such as Mohr Infinite Wisdom, will keep your head space focused on positive thinking. This book will discipline your brain to think and see life as it really is—pure potential to create anything you desire! Watching videos and attending workshops with other like-minded people will only serve to accelerate your ability to manifest. You will see and hear live examples of how your frequency can change and attract only miracles and abundance into your life. This is all very real. And all very powerful.

During your journey into the Law of Attraction, you will experience a multitude of signs and coincidences. Perhaps you see a number series everywhere you go…perhaps you see “11 11”. Maybe you wake up at night at the exact same time. Maybe you keep hearing the same song play on the radios everywhere you go. This is all Source’s way of letting you know that you are on the right track! We call these fun mile-markers, “Pings.” And the world is full of them! It’s like a scavenger hunt finding them and noticing Pings over the place!

Everyone can learn how to manifest. It’s mind-blowing how quickly life changes begin to occur. Simply by focusing on the potential miracles vs. the potential hazards, your whole world will change. Imagine what your life could look like when you are optimized highest possible vibration? You will manifest everything and anything that you desire, and model it to all the world with grace!

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