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What are the benefits of an “Intuitive Massage Treatment”?

This one-of-a-kind massage treatment combines Reiki (the Japanese art of healing) with intuitive massage. Working with the Reiki energy, I am able to identify some of your mental beliefs associated with your physical pain. Your body holds memories and emotions from many of your life experiences. Some of these energies do not serve you. My goal is to help you release all of your negative energy-which is likely the source of much of your physical pain and fatigue. 99% of my clients feel“10 lbs. lighter” after his or her treatment with me. I have worked for years helping to heal the mind, body and spirit rapidly and affectively.

What can you expect during these sessions?

Just as you would with a normal massage, you will be undressed, (you may leave your underwear on if you’d like.) You will be completely covered except for the areas that I am working on. I will be sharing what I “pick up” intuitively, while I work on massaging you and balancing your energy. One of my clients once said to me, “Lisa, I come to you for your intuitive insights-your massage and Reiki are just a bonus!”

What is the length of an Intuitive Massage Treatment?

Each session is 90 minutes in length. This provides me with enough time to facilitate a mind, body and spirit transformation for you.

How much does an Intuitive Massage Treatment cost?

The fee for 90 minutes is $145.00.
I accept cash, checks, and charge cards. I do not accept insurance. I apologize for any inconvenience.

How often is it suggested that I receive an Intuitive Massage Treatment?

Initially, I suggest that you receive a treatment at least every 2 weeks. If you are very committed to releasing the negative energies of your past and in your body, I encourage appointments as often as 1-2x a week. We start off with frequent appointments, and then space sessions out. My advice is to simply try your first session with me, and observe how you feel afterward and the next day. Chances are, you will feel amazing and will wish to reschedule!

What are Lisa Mohr’s hours?

Morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available, by appointment only. Please call or e-mail me for availability.

About me..

I’ve been a Licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master since 1995. I have 6 published books, host a YouTube channel, and I am an intuitive life coach. I am considered an expert on intuitive development, which is my truest passion. While this all might sound fancy, I am just an open, honest and authentic woman who loves to inspire people with as many
“A-ha!”moments as possible. Intuitive massage is a gratifying way for me to share my gifts with the world.

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