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Your Intuition …

What is always surprising to me is how few people know that this ability can be learned and developed! My workshops are driven not only to teach healing, but to develop your 6th sense to its fullest potential. Roughly 40 percent of my students see auric fields after their first class with me.

This is only one of the intuitive tools I teach. None of the intuitive abilities is extraordinary; using your intuition is just not taught in school. If it were…well, our society might be a lot further along!

There are always individuals who fear “too much, too soon.” That’s why I have created several guided meditations to gently gauge students on their developing intuitive abilities. Some people see energy, some people hear their angels, some people feel the energy of people and premonitions of things to come, and some simply “know” what an answer is to a question. As a natural intuitive from childhood and now as a teacher, I possess all of the abilities, so I am able to guide nearly every student on his or her journey.

“The slow unfolding of the intuitive world goes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction and optimizing your vibrational frequency.”

As you learn to master your vibration, and discipline your brain’s endless inner chatter, you are able to better hear your intuitive voice. Gaining mastery over your intuition is all very teachable, in a step-by-step fashion. I have been able to teach every student who has ever crossed my path Reiki and intuitive development. And truly, it is my passion. I don’t force my beliefs or abilities onto other individuals, but rather I model intuition with grace, as do my students. This is important to me.

The more men and women who are able to model safe and normal intuition, the sooner we can make this a norm for our society.

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