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Interview with Magic Mag – Transformational Coaching with Lisa Mohr – Your Journey to the Best Version of Yourself

Magic Mag Interview with Lisa Mohr

Transformational Coaching with Lisa Mohr: Your Journey to the Best Version of Yourself

In Lisa Mohr’s coaching sessions, expect to undergo profound insights that can alter the course of your life. Acting as your personal cheerleader, Lisa guides you through an exploration of your habits, patterns, and communication skills. Her mission is to help you perceive yourself as she does—a perfect soul.With a commitment to personalized attention, Lisa limits her daily client interactions to two or three individuals. In each session, she takes active notes, which she promptly emails to you afterward. This transparency allows you to reflect on the discussions, often leading to additional “a-ha moments” for clients.

Lisa’s keen intuition and ability to “read between the lines” empower her to identify the sources of life challenges swiftly. This insight offers immediate clarity on conflicts, feelings of depression, or life struggles, expediting the transformation process.

Envision a state of peace and relief, a life marked by success. Lisa’s coaching extends beyond theoretical guidance—she assists with practical transformations, whether it’s establishing boundaries with toxic individuals, resolving personal guilt, or providing alternatives for meals, sleep, or workouts. Her approach includes coaching sessions, books, meditations, and online training, contributing to a comprehensive transformation process.

Consider the possibilities: achieving personal milestones, and embracing positive feelings and thoughts throughout the day. Lisa, drawing from her experiences with students and clients, affirms that this positive transformation is not only possible but a recurring outcome of her coaching.

Lisa Mohr is dedicated to sharing her awareness and insights with those who aspire to become the best version of themselves. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation under her expert guidance.

Learn more about this fascinating individual in the latest MysticMag interview.

How do you identify and address negative thoughts form creations that may be affecting an individual? Can you elaborate on your process for recognizing and releasing these thought-forms to promote mental and emotional well-being?

Thank you for your question. I want to start by explaining what a Negative Thought Form Creation is (NTFC). Every time you have a thought with a feeling, (positive or negative), you create energy. This creates a kind of energy/feeling around you. This energy becomes a baseline frequency of what you are attracting at the moment, combined with what your overall frequency is that attracts your destiny. (Like attracts like – this is the Law of Attraction at play).

When you combine an intention with these thoughts and feelings, you create something stronger; a thought form creation. When you cast this onto another person, you create a negative or positive Thought Form creating an attachment to that person.

For the majority of people, they will go through their lives creating and experiencing both positive and negative versions of this. You might be driving and someone comes up behind you speeding, nearly running you off the road as they pass, and you wish that they would get a speeding ticket (or worse)! This is an example of a situation where you may have created and cast a Negative Thought from creation onto another person. You had fear, anger, and intention targeted at someone who you believed was deserving of those intentions.

If I were in that situation, I would ask myself WHY I attracted a speeding person in the first place. It is probably a sign to slow down or clean off my own energy field. I attracted it, so I need to take some responsibility energetically for it and correct my own field.

Can you kill someone with one of these? Probably not. Think about political figures and how hated some of them are. They are still very much alive. They are also being financed energetically by followers, so they are being given a lot of good energy as well.

It all comes down to how solid their aura is.

If your own aura and self-worth are solid, these things won’t stick to you. Actually, you probably won’t “attract” them at all.

When I am working with someone and they seem to have bad luck all of a sudden, or for a recent period of time, they likely have an NTFC or two on them. They might be experiencing general clumsiness, bad timing, negative thoughts, bad feelings, misunderstandings with others, items breaking, etc.

The process for removal is the easiest thing in the world – I say, “I now release any Negative Thought Form Creations attached to this person.” I visualize that it blows up and then transmutes into white light and floats away.

They let go – always.

For my own tracking purposes, I check how many are on there. A number will appear in my mind and I know it to be the truth. Oftentimes, I can tell who it was from. I recently cleared someone who had fourteen on them. She doesn’t get along with her in-laws and there were several interactions between them over the past few months. She had been lacking confidence but after her remote session with me, she felt light and inspired.

A Negative Thought from creation can make you doubt yourself, beat yourself up, remember your failures and regrets, etc. It is important to remove them as soon as you feel “off” or “down.” Remember, you are always in control of your own energy hygiene, and wellness.

All of energy hygiene is just that – conscious habitual cleaning of your energy field.

I would suggest simply using the energy hygiene regimen that I share with you below, twice daily or more as needed.

Can you describe the techniques you use for energy clearing and cord cutting to remove attachments and energetic cords? How do these practices contribute to creating a healthier and more balanced energy field for individuals? (Can we possibly change this question to, “Can you describe the techniques you use for cord cutting and how you remove them? How do these practices contribute to creating a healthier and more balanced energy field for individuals?” 

What if I were to tell you that every bad feeling that you have ever felt isn’t your own? It probably sounds unbelievable to you, but even in a crisis, your own energy should feel calm and peaceful.

So often we are at the mercy of fear, anxiety, anger, depression, and boredom because of our attachments to other people who are feeling these things.

I have a wonderful free meditation that I share with as many people as possible. (See below) Please check it out and listen to it daily for two weeks or until you are confident that you can both feel the cords on you and remove them.

When I first listened to my own meditation and participated in the visualization, I counted 464 cord attachments. I had connections to every client that I had ever worked on along with most of the soulful connections that I had made over the years. I felt naked afterward – similar to taking your jewelry off that you’ve worn for years.

I had a client do this, and within seconds her spouse called her to check if she was alright. (Her cord-cutting was a bit too aggressive and her husband felt a sense of loss and/or panic as a result). Ironically, he had little intuitive awareness in general. These cords are very real and will affect both you and your connection when you remove them, so we want to do this with love.

Use my meditation over and over again to perfect this part of your energy hygiene regimen. I promise that you will instantly feel better. Most if not all of your bad feelings and anxiety will seemingly disappear.

The key is to imagine the cords connected to you, and to trim them lovingly while imagining flowers growing out of both your end and theirs, and then recoiling back to your own body and back to the owners.

Alternatively, you can imagine pulling them out by the roots sealing the root ends with love, and returning them to their owner.

Gentle but firm is the key. You might be surprised at how amazing you feel as your true self, without the influence of cord connections.

When you are only feeling your own sweet, calm essence, you will respond to the world as the most optimal version of you. You will attract perfect scenarios that support you in your every action. You will have greater physical health as all ailments start from a sickened mind and spirit. This practice is typically the greatest cure for anxiety with my clients. It is remarkable to realize that all that is fear-based and negative is not yours at all. The more people who practice clean energy hygiene, the better our world becomes.

Chakra balancing is a fundamental aspect of your approach. How do you assess and balance the chakras, and what significance does this hold in promoting overall well-being for your clients?

Your body has seven primary energy centers. Your body’s energy flow is like a river, and these centers, or Chakras, work like swirling vortexes of energy.

Each Chakra represents aspects of both your thoughts and feelings. When life happens and you experience stress/fear/anger/sorrow/loss/etc, they slow down or “clog up.”

As an empath, I feel and know when I scan my clients what is happening with them. (I feel it through my protective energy bubble).

Though many healers have a single “go-to” to open and heal these centers, I seem to have infinite ways to achieve this.

When I am working remotely, I surrender to the visual and auditory messages that I hear about my client. These messages come from their soul, their spirit team, God, animal totems, and more.

Sometimes, I see Orca whales swimming in their Heart Chakra, or I hear the affirmation that they need to hear. Because I write this all down in a report, it gives my clients the opportunity to process and reply to me – if they feel inspired to do so. I always fill both their Chakras and energy bodies with Reiki. My hands become very hot when I do this.

In my experience, most have the same Chakras that are close. If you feel distrustful, have fear, or are afraid to open up to others, you likely have Heart Chakra issues. If you are in your head a lot with endless inner chatter and/or toxic thoughts, you likely have Crown Chakra and Solar Plexus challenges.

Because your spiritual body is responsible for your physical health, it is important to keep all of your energy centers open and in flow for optimal mental and physical health. Once you experience/remember what it is to be in energy balance, it will be easier to maintain that space for longer periods of time.

Your most natural state of being is relaxed and in flow.

How does coaching complement your energy cleansing and chakra balancing practices? In what ways does the coaching component contribute to addressing the mental and emotional aspects of an individual’s well-being?

This is a great question! I was a massage therapist for 28 years. During that time I discovered that healing was much more effective when I combined intuitive coaching with my massage. Now retired from massage therapy, I use coaching and Reiki to achieve similar results.

There is a winning recipe that I have created that seems to work for nearly every person in need of healing: Validate their pain, Clarify by asking questions and demonstrating the importance of the issue, Validate their pain again, Offer Perspective to justify the pain in such a way that it serves a higher purpose.

For example, my client is upset that they are being bullied at work by a coworker. Their neck is tight and their throat chakra is clogged from unspoken words of anger/fear.

I validate how frustrating and hurtful this situation is. I am sorry that they are going through this challenge right now.

I ask what the bullying is about specifically.? Who is doing it to them? How often? I validate how painful and unfortunate it is that this is happening to them right now. It’s frustrating, annoying, and unfair that they have to deal with this situation. It’s taking minutes from their free time as they are obsessing about a work situation.

I offer them a perspective to help them gain their personal power back. I ask them WHO this person reminds them of in their personal life. Mom, Dad, a grandparent, or a sibling? Why is this familiar? I help them discover WHY this is so upsetting to them and why they feel powerless in this situation.

Then I talk about how we can empower my clients through communication with the person who is bullying them, Human Resources, or some other option. I remind them that this is likely a growth point in their life that is teaching them to either step up or step away. This situation forces them to cultivate new tools for their “toolbox of life.” We all have assignments with each other to help our souls grow. Sometimes it is to challenge, sometimes it is to help one another.

If it’s done in this order, the healing occurs most rapidly. I firmly believe that all physical pain and illness stems from emotional pain. Talking about these things expedites the healing process, builds trust between myself and my client, and prevents the chakras from closing up again.

During each session, I actively type the notes of what we are discussing and then email it to my client. This allows for them to both be present for our session while enjoying the notes later.

In using this recipe, my clients have shared that they receive ten times the information and insights that traditional therapy has provided for them in the past. My sessions are full of validation and action steps to help them to move forward.

Every individual has unique needs. How do you personalize your approach to negative thought form release, energy cleansing, chakra balancing, and coaching to meet the specific requirements of each client?

Because of the amount of energy that I pour into each one of my clients, I only choose to see three clients per day. Each session is customized and treated with 100% of my attention. Because I am typing as I work with my clients, I capture nearly all of our sessions for my client’s review later. If I am virtual chatting for a coaching session, I ask several of the same questions for each week to gauge how they are on a 1-10 scale, what their successes and challenges are, what their synchronicities and coincidences are, and what they are attracting. When their mind is tracking patterns and growth, they can identify what patterns they would like to break and what habits they would like to develop. This all strengthens their chakras and auric field.

An easy way to think about this is that a solid aura can not be penetrated by darkness. To achieve a solid aura, you need to work on the issues that make you feel less than whole. My coaching achieves this.

During my coaching sessions, I draw from my library of published books, meditations, and online pieces of training. In some sessions we work on interpreting their astrology chart, in some sessions, we develop your psychic abilities with puzzles, in some sessions, we work on your Reiki energy flow, in some, we just talk about what you are achieving on your goals list or what is troubling them. The energy exchange between me and my clients is rich and meaningful. I personally get great fulfillment from the work I do.

During Remote Healing Sessions I surrender to the visuals that come to me. Oftentimes, they are similar to the guided meditations that I have created. There is a story, there are members of their spirit team, animal totems, friends and family that have passed, and more. Every single session is unique and one of a kind for my client. I type all of my findings in a report, as I am doing the healing process, and then send it to my client afterward.

During my healing sessions, I have found cancer, liver infections, pregnancy, STDs, and more. As long as my client is receptive, I can see and heal quite a bit. The key is to work on the thoughts and feelings that led to the physical disorders that require healing.

Coaching and healing work well in conjunction not only for immediate results but long-term results as well. We all want to be and remain healthy in our mind, body, and spirit for as long as possible.

Beyond the sessions, how do you empower clients to continue maintaining a balanced energy field and managing their thoughts and emotions? Can you share strategies or self-care practices that you recommend to clients for ongoing well-being?

It is so important to make self-care a priority in your life! The most balanced people who I see build their day around their self-care regimen. It is their first and utmost priority to remain healthy mentally, spiritually, and physically.

I have several suggestions for this:

  • Learn Reiki. Practice at least 2x per day
  • Commit to weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions with me.
  • Use one of my guided meditations daily. It will become one of your favorite parts of your day!
  • Drink clean water, a lot of it.
  • Choose to eat a high-frequency diet.
  • Remove or limit your exposure to toxic people.
  • Take a salt bath with 2 cups of Epsom salts and soak for 20 minutes.
  • Listen to upbeat music when your head needs redirecting.
  • Find a show that will make you laugh
  • Exercise every single day.
  • Remove yourself from all social media and news. If not, limit it to 5-10 minutes total per day.
  • Watch one of my online training or take my 90-day Masterclass.
  • Journal your successes, challenges, synchronicities, dreams, and what you are attracting daily. You will learn something about yourself.
  • Create a habit of cleaning your energy field often.
  • Create a healthy sleep hygiene routine where you have no electronics before bed, and sleep and wake at the same time daily.

Please share the Energy Hygiene regimen that you mentioned earlier. When would you suggest using it and how often per day?

To start, I suggest practicing in bed, first thing in the morning, and at the end of the day. When you get good at it, practice it several times per day.

Five steps to Maintaining energy Hygiene:

  1. Bubble up – Imagine that the Reiki Energy is flowing in through the top of your head, down to the core of the Earth, and then back up again, through your feet, up your body, out of the top of your head. Then imagine that the energy flows into your left hand and out of your right hand. When you put your hands together, almost touching, you should feel a thickness, heat, cold, or pressure. This is Reiki energy.
    While doing this, imagine a happy and safe place. This can be on the couch reading a book, a puppy kissing your face, or lying on a beach. Try not to imagine people in your happy/safe place bubble, unless you know their energy to be pure.
    Take this feeling and create a bubble of light around you. Allow it to encapsulate your entire being, head to toe, about a foot out around you. Nothing uninvited can penetrate your bubble.
  2. Tell unwanted energies that they must leave now. Blow them up in your mind.
  3. Cut the cords – You have connections to other people and you will feel better if you separate from them.
  4. Release negative thoughts form creations – Simply say in your mind, “I now release all negative thoughts form creations.” Feel your intention with this as you say it.
  5. Elevate the collective fog – This takes a little training, but for now, you can intend that white light fill your space around your home, neighborhood, workplace, etc. You can pray for angels to help you too, or whatever your faith is. You are not alone.

Daily Habits

To succeed you must build your day around these new habits vs. trying to squeeze them in. I suggest setting an alarm on your phone to create the habit of energy hygiene mindfulness.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer these questions. It is my heartfelt desire that everyone who reads this feels significantly better after doing so. I am open to a free 15-minute discovery call if you are interested in learning more about me or my services.


I’m an author, private coach, professional speaker and thought leader in positive perspective. My passion is teaching individuals to access and enhance their intuitive abilities to optimize their lives.

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