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Inspired thoughts will only flow through a relaxed mind

Inspired thoughts will only flow through a relaxed mind. This means that in order to identify your next step or the answers that you seek, you must first create the space for your answers to emerge.

This can be done with a Reiki Massage, a long walk in the woods, a hot bath with epsom salts, the right kind of music to elevate and inspire you, and/or meditation, (to name a few.) You alone create the environment of peace within.

Life works so much easier and so much more efficiently when you prioritize self care, and build your day around your wellness.

Instead of viewing these things as a waste or inefficient use of your time, view them as the MOST important use of your time. You’ll be a better spouse, friend, parent, worker, etc. if you balance you first. Always.

I’m an author, private coach, professional speaker and thought leader in positive perspective. My passion is teaching individuals to access and enhance their intuitive abilities to optimize their lives.

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