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Goal setting for 2017

Goal Setting Workshop

Goal Setting for 2017 
with the 9 key areas of life
A goal not written is only a dream.

Most of us could share the top ten things in our lives that we do NOT want, but are you truly able to describe what you DO desire, right now? When was the last time you articulated and wrote down your goals?

Create goals for your head, heart and soul in this dream board organizingclass. Discover the 9 key areas of life (and more) from the Chinese Bagua. Using this ancient Feng-Shui technique as a guide, we will focus on clarifying your heart felt goals and desires for the year ahead.

This class will help you organize yourself so that you may ultimately create a Dream/Vision board to focus on.

*Please note, we are not creating dream boards during this class, but preparing the content for you to do so yourself.

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