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Who are you hanging around with? What are the values and beliefs of the people in your life? Do they value personal and professional growth? Are they motivated toward self-improvement?

If you are a “learn more, do more, be more” kind of person, you are what I call an “Eagle.” Eagles are driven toward reaching their highest potential. They value internal and external change and aren’t afraid to explore outside of their comfort zone, for their range and territory are vast and expansive. They have the ability to see life from a more expansive vantage point, thus providing wisdom to those around them, just by being who they are.

To effectively evolve, many steps must occur. The nature of self-growth is that once you begin..even by reading a book, visiting a website, or watching a video, you are on your way. Growth doesn’t need to occur football field by football field. It happens moment by moment, baby step by baby step. And there is no rush to reach the end, as much of your journey provides experiences that will enrich you along the way. Savor every phase, for you may only experience it once before you move onto the next level. You decide if these experiences are going to be pleasant or painful. You are the master of your Matrix and only you can attract and create your reality.

“The nature of evolving is that as you do, the cast of characters in your life will change.”

From a scientific perspective, it has to—two separate frequencies cannot exist in the same plane. You are increasing and up-leveling your own personal frequency to be in alignment with your optimal reality. Those in your life who are on similar paths will follow. Those who are not will go a different direction. This is normal and part of growth. Many get trapped in this phase and never let incongruent frequencies go. They limit their up-leveling in a guilt-driven need to include or carry others with them. This is not only unnecessary, it hurts both you and the other person’s ability to grow.

Not everyone is driven nor meant to be an eagle. Not everyone wants to fly. Each person has his or her own path and goals. It is your job to manage, inspire, and up-level yourself. In doing this, you become the change in your world that you want to see. And you attract other like-minded people into your world.

Model joy, inspiration, and success to all those around you, and you give others permission to do the same.

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