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An Empath’s Survival Guide – Protect and Deflect

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About Course

Learn how to strengthen your own energy field while deflecting negative energy.


Enjoy a thoughtful and rewarding online training designed to empower fellow Empaths. Discover the many benefits of being a balanced empath while protecting your sensitive energy field. Learn how to channel Reiki energy (the Japanese Art of Healing,) how to create a Protective Bubble, and many other life changing skills to optimize your personal energy and headspace. Discover the importance of Energy Hygiene and how to implement a daily ritual of cleaning and intending several times a day. Enjoy this fun and beautiful online training designed to keep you relaxed and entertained.

EXPLORE what it means to be an Empath and the many benefits of remaining in balance and flow. 

Learn step by step how to protect your own precious energy while deflecting the negative energies of others.

Enjoy a guided meditation, “Monumental Energy Protection,” designed to enhance your protective abilities.

Develop an awareness of your own energy vs. that of others. 

About the Instructor
Lisa more has been a Certified Reiki Master Teacher since 1996 and has spent many years developing The Mohr Method of Healing Reiki Training System. Lisa has seven published books and was a license massage therapist (now retired) and life coach for 28 years. Lisa is a one-of-a-kind instructor who specializes in intuitive development with Empaths.

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Course Content


  • How to use this interface
  • 01:57
  • How to Take This Training
  • 02:34
  • The Universe, God and Spirit
  • 10:09
  • Introverted Empaths
  • Validation
  • Energy Hygiene
  • What is Reiki and How to Channel it
  • What is Bubbling up?
  • 5 Steps to Maintaining Energy Hygiene
  • Daily Habits
  • Monumental Energy Protection Meditation
  • How to Achieve a Super Solid Aura
  • Where to go from here
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