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You may be asking yourself, “What kind of coaching do I need?”
There are several angles with personal growth. Some people seek improvement in their careers and professional goals while others seek clarity and direction with their personal life and relationships. Everyone benefits from developing their own inner voice of wisdom, or “Intuition”

Typically, my coaching involves a blend of all three but is customized for each individual.



Explore the best coaching option for you

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

This kind of coaching is geared toward the individual that is working to develop his or her fullest potential, gain clarity with repeated dynamics in relationships, and increase overall happiness. Some examples of this may be:

  • You seem to date the same kind of person and end up in the same situation.
  • Perhaps you struggle with mental clarity and are plagued with repeated negative or self defeating thoughts.
  • You are still chained to your past unresolved traumas or events that taint your ability to be in the moment.
  • You struggle with motivation and follow through with personal goals of weight, health, communication, etc.
  • You lack confidence with boundary setting with toxic people.
  • You wish to develop better communication skills
  • You wish to be more comfortable in your own skin, and to actually LOVE who you are.
  • You have issues with allowing abundance into your life without feeling guilty about it
  • You wish to develop better support from friends and family

Private Intuition Development Training

Private Intuition Development Training

What is always surprising to me is how few people know that your intuition can be learned and developed! Most people assume that you are simply born this way, and it’s not always true. Most people are born with potential to develop any skill-sports, mathematics, english, art, etc. It’s where you choose to focus your talents that develops your skill set.

My private trainings are driven not only to teach healing, but to develop your 6th sense to its fullest potential. Roughly 40 percent of my students see auric fields after their first session with me.

This is only one of the intuitive tools I teach. None of the intuitive abilities is extraordinary; using your intuition is just not taught in school. If it were…well, our society might be a lot further along!
There are always individuals who fear “too much, too soon.” That’s why I have created several guided meditations to gently gauge students to develop his or her intuitive abilities. Some people see energy, some people hear their angels, some people feel the energy of other people and have premonitions of things to come, while some simply “know” things with no way to do so. As a natural intuitive from childhood and now as a teacher, I possess all of these abilities and more, so I am able to guide nearly every student on his or her journey. Over my life time I have worked with nearly every kind of student, and yet I am still often pleasantly surprised by each and every student that I work with.

“The slow unfolding of the intuitive world goes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction and optimizing your vibrational frequency.”

As you learn to master your vibration, and discipline your brain’s endless inner chatter, you are able to better hear your intuitive voice. Gaining mastery over your intuition is all very teachable, in a step-by-step fashion. I have been able to teach each and every student who has ever crossed my path both Reiki and intuitive development. And truly, it is my passion. I don’t force my beliefs or abilities onto other individuals, but rather I model intuition with grace, as do my students. This is important to me.

The more men and women who are able to model safe and normal intuition, the sooner we can make this a norm for our society.

Your step by step Intuitive Development Training looks like this:

1. Identify your own energy essence vs. others.

From the moment you are born, you are connected to another. Well, a good friend of mine once said, “There’s a reason that we cut the cord!”. This first step involves identifying what is your energy vs. another’s. You are enmeshed with the energies of neighbors, friends, family, work colleagues, etc. You may not believe this, but several of you feelings of anxiety, self doubt, fears and sadness are often not your own. Imagine that? This part of your training will help you identify what is truly your own essence vs. another. And this awareness is absolutely peaceful and blissful. We create this foundation with personal space activities, boundary setting with toxic people, and energy protection and hygiene.

2. Silence your inner chatter

There are times that you have probably had a hunch, or even heard a voice that said you should do something or not. But it’s hard to hear it with all of that background chatter going on, isn’t it? Well there are several ways to silence that noise to simply “white noise” in the background, or complete silence. Imagine that? Head space and quiet, once and for all! We accomplish this with all sorts of bright new healthy habits like walking outside, honoring a sleep schedule, and limiting toxins to your body. Sound boring? No, not really. Once you start on this road, it might just become your newest passion. A 10 min. nightly walk turned into 17,000 steps a day and 50 lbs lost for one of my favorite clients! All he did was shift from a glass of wine to a walk.

3. Learn to identify what is actually your intuitive voice vs. mind chatter.

This is perhaps the hardest concept for my students to understand. They believe that it will be difficult to tell the difference between mind chatter and their intuitive voice. “How will I really know it’s my intuition, and not just in my head Lisa?” After my training, you will know. You will have collected enough evidence to know the difference. And I will help you track it as it happens. Perhaps in the past, you just knew to grab your umbrella, but you didn’t, and it rained that day. Or you just knew to take the exist before your normal one, but you didn’t, and got caught in an additional 15 min. of traffic? After my training, you will not forget your umbrella, you will not ignore your gut about traffic, or anything else, ever again. You will collect consistent evidence that you do have a strong intuition and it serves you continuously, each and every day. The only regret you will ever have is if you ever ignore that voice again. But you won’t because it’s fun and gratifying to be right about both the little things, and the bigs things that carry you toward your optimal path is in life.

4. Identify the Magic in your world

My first session I will explain to you that your life will never be the same again. I spend a fair amount of time preparing you for this reality. You will notice “energy” in new ways. You will identify toxic people immediately.  You will be drawn to places and people that nourish you with love, light and laughter. You will quiet your head when you receive special messages from Spirit/God/The Universe to hear it clearly. You will become much more content with your state of being vs. state of doing. Much will change in your life for the better. And once you experience this new reality, you will likely want to delve deeper into it. There are impossible syncronicities that will occur, each and every day. And because your new training will teach you to effortlessly track them, you will build a new and optimal reality around it.

5. Maintain it Daily

Just like choosing to go to the gym to get into better shape, you have to stick with it to see results. Your growth and maintenance with your intuitive abilities require consistent awareness and practice, each and every day. This is how you learn “self trust”. But with me as a coach, it’s fun and easy. Knowing what is going to happen, and when, is as cool as it sounds! And it simplifies and enhances your life on every level! Imagine if you had your very own pocket psychic to tell you what was coming, each and every day?  Well you will, except it will be YOU!

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