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Better Late Than Never

“Better Late Than Never.” Geoffrey Chaucer

I chose this quote because I stumbled upon an article about the most common regret that dying patients have. I’m fascinated by longevity and find myself studying the habits of those who live the longest and happiest lives.

It used to be that on their death bed, individuals would regret not what they did, but what they did not do. They wished that they had taken that safari trip, jumped out of an airplane, made a better effort with a strained relationship, etc.

Well, as it turns out, the biggest regret in 2023 is still not doing something, but specifically not prioritizing their health when it could have made a huge difference.

I have heard “Health is the new wealth”  and it is so true!

Dr. Zarse is a physician and has worked with many dying and chronic pain patients over the years and here is his short video:


His video goes on to explain that his patients were not and are not prepared for the length of suffering that they would be in for.

In the old days, people just died. Now, with medication, people can live for decades longer than they did before, Life isn’t fun when you have chronic pain as it begins to affect your head space and your optimism toward living life.

Many of my own clients have asked me for advise on jump-starting their health.

Here are my quick fixes to get you on the fast track to health:

1. Find an accountability person whom you adore. This can be myself with weekly coaching sessions, a best friend who you meet at the gym every morning, your rock star partner who is just as committed to living for as long as possible together. I also suggest a private personal trainer. In truth, the only individuals that I have ever seen succeed had coaches. Wouldn’t you agree?


2. Drink more spring water – it’s just that simple. You may also choose to drink herbal tea with green stevia. Avoid fake sweeteners completely.  I also drink SPRING water. Avoid “purified” water as it leaches the minerals from your body (read the health warning on the back of a purified water bottle for more evidence of this).


3. Build your day around your workout and get moving every single day. Choose something that you either like or don’t hate (baby steps for now).  I bought a small step machine from Amazon a few years ago and it’s worth its weight in gold to me!  I also added an exercise bike this year to my regiment and my mid section is toning. I keep it in my living room and watch shows while working out.


Start out with just 5 minutes a day, and never miss a day. That’s all. Once you get bored, add a minute or two, but always ONLY commit to something that you will do every single day. If you do miss a day, be sure to commit to getting back on track the next day. And No, you don’t have to workout twice as long the next day. Do not punish yourself with exercise – ever.


4. Keep the mind space to workout for your head space vs. weight-loss. Your inner adolescent is less likely to kick back from this kind of thinking.

Remember, it’s time with yourself FOR yourself. Enjoy it.

Your body wants to be healthy. Once you start on the path of wellness, your diet begins to change naturally, as well as your habits in ever area of your life.

So far this year I’m proud to announce that one of my clients has lost 30 lbs and another over 20 lbs. Having an accountability person can make a huge difference in your continued success.

It is possible to make a change, I have seen it with myself and countless clients over the years. All you have to do is get started. Better late than never!

I’m an author, private coach, professional speaker and thought leader in positive perspective. My passion is teaching individuals to access and enhance their intuitive abilities to optimize their lives.

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