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Advanced Psychic Development – Level 1


Advanced Psychic Development is designed to explore what you might have only dreamed as possible of your psychic/intuitive abilities. Experience the “transformative” and “unbelievable” in a safe and structured environment. Each class is fashioned to include every student, at all levels of ability and awareness.


Class Dates:
10 training dates, 9 dates will be decided as a group (I will do my best to accommodate each person’s future events, though I can not guarantee I will meet everyone’s needs. Unfortunately, there are no make up classes for these trainings.

This Series includes:
Ten, 3 hour psychic development sessions

This class curriculum includes but is not limited to:
Divination, Psychometry, Telepathy, Psychic Pulsing, Channeling, Spirit guides, Reading Auras, Auto writing, Animal guides, Energy protection, Angels and Delivery of Content

Class Fee:

Class Fee for NEW students: $1500

(Some payment options available. Contact me for details)

You must have completed The Mohr Method of Healing, Reiki Level One and Two before taking this training. No exceptions can be made. I apologize for any inconvenience with this.


Repeat/Graduated students of APD 1:
Class Fee for RETURNING students: $999

Refresh and Master your skills for just $999

Do you miss the intuitive community you had in your first Advanced Class? Re-experience those wonderful “A-ha” moments of pure psychic potential.  Join us again with new people and experiences for a $500 discount! As you already know, no two trainings or sessions are ever the same. Though the curriculum may be similar, the experiences you and your classmates have will always be new and validating. This environment will provide the perfect opportunity to explore your abilities so that you may reach the next level. I will provide the same care and attention to you as before. Contact me with any further questions that you may have.

Returning APD student requirements:

Each student must have completed The Mohr Method of Healing Reiki Training levels 1 and 2 with a Certified Mohr Method of Healing Reiki Master, and Advanced Psychic Development Level One.

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