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10 easy ways to be joyful today!

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There is a lot of change happening in our world right now. Some of you are happy about this, some of you are devastated. The truth is, the most important changes occur within you each day. How you respond to what is happening creates ripples into our world. So, if you aren’t happy, or if you’re overwhelmed, or if your head is simply tired from the chaos, it is my heartfelt desire that these suggestions help you find peace and balance again. Enjoy!

1. Walk outside

The Norwegians have a saying, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. If it’s raining, grab an umbrella, if it’s snowing, wear snow pants. You get the idea. Just 10 minutes will change your mood-I promise.

2. Take a bath with Epsom Salts

It will purge your muscles of lactic acid and eliminate negative energies. Soak 20 min. or longer.

3. Journal

Write that endless inner chatter down! The very act of writing it down will clear your head space. Try an open document on your computer so that you can simply add to it throughout the day. You’ll sleep easier and harder.

4. Eat something gratifying and nutritional

Crunchy foods are very satisfying. Go for raw almonds, carrots, and low sugar apples (Gala are great). You’ll feel satisfied without the guilt of eating that bag of chips.

5. Get a Massage

Having your muscles massaged and your energy balanced with Reiki will give you immediate relief and shift your perspective. Plus, it simply feels really good to be touched and nurtured by another person.

6. Get some alone time

All too often we are putting ourselves and our needs on the back burner. The key to being your best YOU is keeping your “cup” full. To achieve this, honor your own personal space. The fuller your cup is, the greater amount of YOU you are able to give to others.

7. Go play

If you don’t know how to play, join a group on Wow-they everything from kayaking to yoga, and even sci-fi discussion groups! There is something for just about everyone on there. Make time for a hobby and getting together with friends. Life is a marathon-not a sprint. Your life is a long and winding journey, and you need to focus on creating a reality that is continuously pleasurable.

8. Get hugs

There have been numerous studies about this. Human touch heals. A loving hug and being held and snuggled will likely make you feel better. Pets, kids, friends and lovers are all great choices for hugs.

9. Meditate

There are many ways to meditate. Simply relaxing and listening to flute or other new age music is a great way to begin. Try a guided meditation like the ones I offer in my store. Get one of my best meditations for FREE by adding “Cutting The Cords”  into your shopping cart, and then entering “cutting” into the coupon field. Enjoy!

10. Laugh out loud

Of all of the ways the body has created to recharge our joy, laughter is one of the most enjoyable. Try renting a funny movie, listening to a comedy channel on internet radio, or watching a YouTube video to get yourself giggling.

Remember, all change begins with you! Be the change, the light, and the love that you wish to see in this world. Others will follow. Be well my friend!




I’m an author, private coach, professional speaker and thought leader in positive perspective. My passion is teaching individuals to access and enhance their intuitive abilities to optimize their lives.

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